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King of Ohio: The Toledo War



9/2/23 in Toledo

11th annual Ohio Skating competition is bringing a crowd to Toledo.

Our competition tours yearly; from Cleveland, to Columbus, to Toledo in 2023.  We are excited to introduce an incredible opportunity for local businesses to enhance their brand visibility and make a meaningful impact in our community. We are hosting an upcoming rollerblading competition that promises to bring together a diverse and enthusiastic crowd of attendees, and we invite you to be a part of this exciting event as a sponsor.

Your contributions go directly to the winners of the competition, and secure your spot for your brand/business to be shared and posted with media before, during, and after the event!


Social followers where your brand will be shared and tagged


Average views per story (24h posting) in our network, where your brand will be shared

Bronze $100+

  • Your logo added to our website (with link) for 6 months.

SILVER $250+

  • Your logo added to our website (with link) for 6 months.
  • Your logo attached to 10 story posts (1 before, 1 during event, 1 per week after for 2 months, tagging your account)

Gold $500+

  • Your logo added to our website (with link) for 6 months.
  • Your logo attached to 10 story posts (1 before, 1 during event, 1 per week after for 2 months, tagging your account)
  • Your logo added to event flyer that every competitor will go home with, the front has the plan for the event.
    • Do you have coupon codes, discounts, freebies?  We can include this in the flyer!

No $$ to spare? No problem.

Businesses and Brands seeking exposure can take a more direct route, and provide us merchandise, product, etc for the skaters during the day of the event.  Your merchandise will be shared in the prize loot for winners, will be included in a prize toss to the crowd, and will be set at a marketing/food/info kiosk setup at the start and end of the competition!

  • We appreciate your contribution, all businesses who many any type of hardgoods contribution will have their logo shared on our website for 6 months as a sponsor.

The long version...

Over the past decade and more this yearly event has occurred classically in Cleveland, Ohio. Last year began the tour around Ohio, moving the competition to Columbus where we had a turn out of about 200 people and 50 contestants. Our rollerblading competition has gained significant recognition over the years for promoting health, fitness, and community engagement. By becoming a sponsor, your business will not only align itself with these positive values but will also enjoy numerous benefits that come with exposure to our wide and dynamic audience.

Here’s how your business stands to gain from sponsoring our rollerblading competition:

Exposure to a Captive Audience: Our event draws participants and spectators from all walks of life, providing your business with a unique opportunity to connect with potential customers directly. Your logo will be prominently displayed at the event venue, ensuring that your brand captures the attention of everyone in attendance.

Extensive Media Coverage: As a sponsor, your logo and information will be featured across all our event media platforms, including our official website, social media channels, and event flyers. This comprehensive coverage will further boost your brand’s visibility and recognition.

Community Involvement: By supporting our rollerblading competition, you demonstrate your commitment to the well-being of our community and contribute to the success of a wholesome, family-friendly event. This goodwill gesture will resonate positively with local residents and potential customers.

Networking Opportunities: Our event offers an excellent environment for networking and building relationships with fellow sponsors, athletes, and attendees. You’ll have the chance to interact with like-minded individuals and businesses, potentially opening doors to new partnerships.

Customizable Sponsorship Packages: We understand that each business has unique needs and goals. Therefore, we offer flexible sponsorship packages that can be tailored to suit your specific preferences and budget.

We invite you to explore the various sponsorship levels detailed in the enclosed brochure. We are confident that you’ll find an option that aligns with your business objectives and offers an outstanding return on investment.

Join us in making this year’s rollerblading competition an unforgettable experience for all involved. Your support will not only contribute to the success of the event but also leave a lasting impression on our community.